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Storms and branches

07 Jul 2019

The big storm

The afternoon of June 17, an intense storm blew through. The wind blasted in from the west. We were lucky to only have a few broken branches. Lots of people had full grown trees blown down. The power was out for 2 hours.

This was the view in our backyard:

A big branch blew out of the poplar into the front yard. After the storm, the back yard was a mess with branches from the sycamore and maple.

We rented a lift. Tom went up with a chainsaw to cut out the hanging branches. The lift is perfectly safe, but it bounces. And Tom isn’t fond of heights. It worked out.

We hauled 4 loads of brush up to the brush pile. The tractor front end loader with pallet forks is very, very handy. Here is two of those loads: