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Corn meal, pottery studio, muscadine grapes (scuppernogs)

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Springtime corn, apples, muscadines, chinkapins

16 Jun 2019

Corn looks great

This year the Cherokee White corn looks great. Row cover after planting seems to have kept the turkeys and crows away. Last year they ate 95% of the new seedlings. This year all have survived (so far). The row cover was removed last week.

Muscadines are flowering

The muscadines (a native Southeastern grape) are doing great. The vines are loaded with flower clusters which have just started to open.

Black Twig apples

We have 6 Black Twig apple trees, and the four-year-old trees are fruiting! They are young trees, so I plucked most of the flowers, but I’m letting a few mature. The apples are so cute.

Chinkapins have little nuts

We have a couple dozen chinkapin bushes. These are a small native tree with nuts which are a bit like small chestnuts. Catkins have just opened on some bushes, and others already have small nuts forming.