Celadon Acres Farm

Corn meal, pottery studio, muscadine grapes (scuppernogs)

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What we grow

09 Jun 2019

Some of the things we grow

We grow sweet cane sorghum. Here is a picture of me with some standing sorghum, and a load of cut cane on the tractor’s forks.

Some harvest seasons we stack the cut cane on the back of the pickup.

We used to have the cane mill outside in the back yard. The red thing is the mill, powered by a home-made contraption.

Crushing the cane releases the juice. We filter that before boiling down into syrup.

We have a small wood fired evaporator pan.

We grow Cherokee White corn. This is dent corn, sometimes called field corn, which is inedible as “corn on the cob” but when dried and ground makes amazing corn meal. This variety of corn is open pollinated, and we hand-sorted the ears for quality. The corn is picked in October or November and dried in a corn crib over the winter.

We’re assembling our glaze kiln for the pottery. We hope to have this ready soon.